Freedom to the children!

In their new parent-child interview series Talk to me, Huffington Post is taking a closer look at the relationships between parents and their children. They are also encouraging children to interview their moms and dads, and we wanted to share one particular one with you: YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki asking her mother how she raised three successful daughters (two are CEOs of tech companies, and one is an epidemiologist). Her secret? Giving her children "a ton of freedom" early on. 

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki sits down with her mother Esther to talk about how her difficult childhood motivated her to become a journalist and teacher. Subsc...

For perspective, it might be good to know that at CoHatchery we work toward independence on both sides - for both the parent and the little one(s). Parents are fearful today of many outside elements that can effect a developing child. They want to be involved more so today in their child's development - everything from play dates to the right school. Yet we know as early childhood promoters, young children benefit from time away to build social, reasoning, problem-solving and emotional intelligence skills sets. We like to comfort parents that freedom in choices can be a little scary and like in Wojcicki's home - you may end up with a hot pink shag rug! However, you do come away with a child who has a hand in developing their sense of self and a good funny family story for years to come.

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