A Day in the Life @ CoHatchery

As many of you may have heard, we are launching a summer program in Park Slope starting July 11th. Since the coworking with childcare concept is still quite new to many of you, we thought it might be helpful to describe a what it might be like for you and your little one to spend the day at CoHatchery this summer:

12:40pm Arrive at Kidville and park your stroller in stroller parking. Quickly greet the teachers, the other parents and their children, unpack snacks and diapers, and sit down for circle time and the morning parent-integration activity.

Today, we are doing the Name Dance: The teacher asks the group: “How do you move your body when you say “hello?” Each child and parent writes down their name and decorates a name tag. They also get to make up a short dance or a silly movement to go with their name, anytime it is said. The teacher collects the name tags, draws a tag and asks the owner to demonstrate the movement.  Everyone in the group repeats that person's name the movement until we go all the way around the circle. 

1:00pm You say goodbye to your little one and head to the coworking space across the street with the other parents, on the way you catch up on your weekend activities as well as new happenings in your business. You grab an iced coffee at The Estaminet downstairs (with a 25% discount) and continue your conversation. You exchange some sales leads and get the contact for that graphic designer you've heard great things about.

1:15pm You sit down to get some work done and answer some emails. Meanwhile your little one has begun their next activity: Placemat Snacktime. The teacher has created a place setting for each child with a place outlined for each utensil. The teacher asks the group: “What kinds of “tools” do we use to eat? Can you help "set the table"? The teacher says “I am going to match up the plate to the one on the mat.” With teacher assistance, each child places his/her own snack in their bowl and pour their water into their own glasses.

2:30pm You wrap up a client call and check the CoHatchery group chat for some picture updates. The children are playing Roll and Run Cube, where the teacher invites the children to roll a cube with different colors on all sides and identifies the color. The teacher encourages everyone to run to an object of that color in the classroom. The children take turns rolling and running. The teacher suggests a different way to move to the object each time such a jumping, crawling or walking like a robot.

4:00pm You join the children back at Kidville for your second parent-integration activity: Mirror Faces. Each parent/child duo gets a a small handheld mirror and is asked by the teacher to point to their own and each other's noses, eyes, and other facial features. The parents and children then talk about how their facial features look similar or different using shape adjectives: bigger, smaller, pointier, rounder, taller, etc. After the activity, you circle up again and sing a goodbye song. 

4:15pm You pack up your child's things and together you say bye to the other CoHatchery parents and littles. Some are staying behind for another Kidville class while some are going home. Today, since you've got that deadline coming up, a couple of other parents have kindly offered to take the kids to the PS 321 playground while you finish your work. You promise to return the favor tomorrow. You head back to the work space and get some uninterrupted work time.

6:00pm You meet the other parents and kids at PS 321 and you all head home for dinner. On your way home, you talk about all of the fun activities you did today with your child and reenact your name dance. Tomorrow is the big CoHatchery parent entrepreneurs networking event with some impressive speakers and childcare (e.g. a pajama party) provided at Kidville, so you decide to call it an early night in preparation. 

Everyday at CoHatchery will be different. However, we hope this gives you an idea of what to expect. If think you think this sounds like a good day, then sign up for our Summer Program or join our community :)